The Best Book in the World

Translator: Rod Bradbury

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  • The Best Book in the World
  • Publication Date: 27/09/2013
  • Imprint: Hesperus Nova

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About the Book

Competitive authors Titus Jensen and Eddie X are racing against each other to write the best-selling book of all time – but to what lengths will they go to outdo each other…? Welcome to The Best Book in the World – funny, gripping and a little bit crazy!

Two authors. One ideaIts a race against time.

One horribly drunken evening, Titus and Eddie come up with the genius idea of writing the world’s bestselling book – one that will top the chart in every genre. It will be the best cookbook, best self-help book and best romance novel, all rolled into one; a book guaranteed to make the author unimaginably rich.

The only tiny problem is that they both had the idea at the same time. And neither is good at sharing. So ensues the fight to write ‘The Best Book in the World’, a dazzling and witty literary duel which will feature a kidnapping, Four Seasons pizza (with artichoke), Salvador Dali and a rockstar with Tourette’s.

 This marvellously satirical and quirky book is unlike any you have read before and will take you on a crazy ride of twists and turns…


'Highly entertaining...' – Booktrust

‘You're all but guaranteed to lift it out and start browsing… a novel in which the comedy is, as comedy so often is, edged with something darker’ The Herald

‘Cracking stuff’ The Bookbag

'Insanely funny and easy to read...' – BTJ

'Well-written and enjoyable…' – Aftonbladet

'Funny, original and lovingly disrespectful...' – Tidningen Kulturen

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