The Green Fairy Book

Editor: Andrew Lang
  • Publication Date: 07/11/2014
  • Imprint: Hesperus Minor
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About the Book

About the Book

Andrew Lang’s famous legacy of fairy books is here continued with the publication of the third title: The Green Fairy Book. Purchased and read all over the world, Lang’s books proved tremendously popular when first published and the spellbinding stories resonate to this day. This volume features renditions of old favourites such as ‘The Story of the Three Bears’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘The Magic Swan’ and ‘The Story of the Fisherman and His Wife’ along with some perhaps less well-known titles such as ‘The Enchanted Snake’ and ‘Jack my Hedgehog’.

Dip into this beautiful collection and disappear into imaginary worlds and magnificent kingdoms, accompany princesses on their quests for princes, goblins in their search for treasure and talking animals just trying to make their way in life.

Republished with a beautiful green jacket, and illustrated throughout with original drawings, The Green Fairy Book is here accompanied by the publication of The Yellow Fairy Book and joins two previous fairy book volumes already published by Hesperus Press. Together they make a collection to be cherished.